Strategic Processes for Exemplary Corporate Decision-Making

Making decisions isn’t always easy; especially corporate decisions. Complex corporate decisions often involve challenging factors such as uncertainty, complexity, high-risk consequences, alternatives, and/or interpersonal issues. When faced with difficult corporate decisions involving one or more of these factors, it becomes increasingly important to use strategic decision making processes to ensure a successful outcome. (more…)

Lead Your Team to Endless Victory

Most people believe excellence is an all-encompassing destination. Yet, I like to think of it as a journey. In order to be an effective leader one must be ruthlessly committed to achieving their peak performance one hundred percent of the time. In other words, they must continuously strive for excellence. Given that general circumstances in any given situation are continuously changing, the standard of “excellence” that effective leader’s must strive for cannot be defined. A leader must appear fearlessly passionate to their team, in order to motivate each and every individual to endlessly strive for their personal presentation of peak performance as well. (more…)

Building A Unified Team


It was only two months after opening, and Ron’s new marketing firm was booming. He had a team of ten educated employees, he knew the field of marketing well, and his customer base was rapidly growing. Once a week Ron and his team would meet in their spacious conference room in order to touch base on the firm’s upcoming agenda. In the past few weeks, Ron had begun to notice a steady decline in his team’s enthusiasm and participation at the meetings. His members appeared tired, unfocused, and unhappy. Yet, Ron felt that his agenda was mandatory and more important than the noticeable dysfunction of his team. (more…)

5 Ways To Cultivate A Strong Corporate Culture

We all know that no company is perfect. Whether it involves the relationships amongst employees, technical difficulties in product development, or anything in between, every corporate workplace has their own strengths and weaknesses. Yet, recent studies show that one of the biggest weaknesses for companies right now is their lack in corporate culture. This huge issue is not only causing unproductive workplaces, but causing a lot of stress for both employees and management.

Boston Summer Outings – Beauty and the Beach

When I think back to the summers of my childhood, joyous memories at the beach are what primarily come to mind. Whether its laughing as I splashed about in the refreshing ocean water alongside the other children who had come to play, enjoying the soft sand squish between my toes as I sprinted towards my “tag” target, coming together with friends, family, and fellow “beach-goers” as we teamed up for an intense game of pick-up volleyball, or making sand-angels and starring up at the clear blue sky, days I spent at the beach continue to bring back endless amounts of magical memories. (more…)

The Progressive Dinner

I have been around long enough to see the evolution of team building programs and events. The Progressive Dinner is one of the first programs that I designed and it wasn’t designed for team building, it was designed as a single’s event.

Over 20 year’s ago when I was program director for Learning Adventure, an adult education/recreation program we created an event that had guests changing dining companions after each course so that each person could meet different people at each change. The process was fun and each diner would bring their drink and their napkin as they changed tables. It was really the predecessor to speed dating which had its’ first event in 1998. The issue we had at the time is the same issue that they have today in that it was very popular with woman but finding men to do this was next to impossible. (more…)

If It’s Not Broken, Why Fix It?

YoYo is a new site but not a new company. On the TeamBonding About Us page we proudly proclaim that “It’s Simple…TeamBonding is Team Building that Works!” It does work for our clients and their teams and has for 20+ years. Our planning and event manager process works as well but with life moving so fast, we wanted to make planning the team building event as easy as choosing it. (more…)