If It’s Not Broken, Why Fix It?

YoYo is a new site but not a new company. On the TeamBonding About Us page we proudly proclaim that “It’s Simple…TeamBonding is Team Building that Works!” It does work for our clients and their teams and has for 20+ years. Our planning and event manager process works as well but with life moving so fast, we wanted to make planning the team building event as easy as choosing it.

I sit near the account managers who talk to repeat clients and potential clients all day long. I hear the decision-making process where they listen to the needs and desired outcomes and suggest the team building event that can best meet their needs and budget. They tell them that we can do it anywhere they choose. I often chat app on the site and talk directly with visitors on the website and while our process is simple and straightforward, matching it up to a venue is where things can get complicated.

This is not a problem for our event managers, facilitators, account managers or our clients but as the founder of the company, I thought that we could streamline the process and improve the experience for our clients so I created YoYo, Your Office, Your Outing. On the site, clients will see 20 – 25 events in Boston to start as we know our city really well and these offerings combine a popular team building event with an appropriate venue and in many cases it includes food and beverage. Even transportation is an option. It really is “Team Building Made Easy!”.

Here’s what we tried to create with YoYo:

  1. Team Building Made Easy – Select your package, pick a date and let us do the rest. All the client has to do is provide basic information such as the event contact, location, and date/time, there is nothing else that the client needs to do.
  2. 1-Click Purchasing – Although the packages aren’t yet available to be purchased online, this communicates the idea that clients can choose a package easily and quickly.
  3. Team Building in a Box –Planning a team building event will require a lot of time from the client to help plan and execute the event. YoYo comes with everything “out of the box” – no extra tools required.
  4. Packaged with a Bow – Although YoYo team building packages aren’t customizable, but they are just as engaging, fun, and high-quality as every other event that TeamBonding produces.

So, we’re not really fixing anything, it’s not broken. My belief is that it opens up other opportunities for our clients and our team and it has opened up the innovation door as you will see new programs and events that are truly, a click away.

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