About YoYo

We create all-inclusive office outings and team building events.

YoYo stands for “Your Office Your Outing.” It’s the newest division of TeamBonding, an award-winning, national corporate team-building company. After many years of having professional facilitators deliver customized team-building programs, we saw a need to simplify the process and save our clients time by planning and executing every detail. We wanted to offer the same exciting and cutting edge team building events in all-inclusive packages, and YoYo was born.

What makes YoYo special?

YoYo is different than other event planning companies because all of our events have a strong emphasis on team building. Our experience innovating and setting trends has helped to create some of the most popular team building programs in the world. We’re already leading the way.

  • Over 100 active programs
  • Over 10,000 happy clients
  • Over 50,000 successful events in the past 25 years

Our TeamBonding history gives us a competitive advantage delivering events that are fun, memorable and effective.

A big focus on local fun!

We’ve selected our favorite team building events in some of our favorite cities, and partnered with a local venues to make this happen. We’re launching in Boston first, New York will follow soon, and we’ll open doors in other cities later this year. We couldn’t be more excited!