Boston Summer Outings – Beauty and the Beach

When I think back to the summers of my childhood, joyous memories at the beach are what primarily come to mind. Whether its laughing as I splashed about in the refreshing ocean water alongside the other children who had come to play, enjoying the soft sand squish between my toes as I sprinted towards my “tag” target, coming together with friends, family, and fellow “beach-goers” as we teamed up for an intense game of pick-up volleyball, or making sand-angels and starring up at the clear blue sky, days I spent at the beach continue to bring back endless amounts of magical memories.

Summer Outings - Beauty and the BeachIn my opinion, one of the greatest pleasures the beach lends itself to, is the ability to create almost anything imaginable out of sand. The capacity to manipulate it’s endless supply into various castles, cars, animals, replicas of entire city’s, or worlds that only existed in my wildest dreams, always served as creative outlets I felt privileged to share.
One of the most unique aspects of sand-building at the beach is the community of efforts it often attracts. I remember watching as dozens of children, teens, adults, parents, and even grandparents, all worked together to build one gigantic sand creation. Finally, they would all stand back to admire their completed masterpiece, basking in accomplishment with their new-found team members. If you ask me, I think it’s safe to say that the communal presence activities at the beach naturally attract, make it a perfect location for any kind of team building event.

The Beauty of Team Building at the Beach

I’m sure that most of you reading this have made special memories with close friends and family at the beach, just like I have. But have you ever thought of building bonds with your fellow team members in order to create a more effective corporate workplace in the same location? Well, think no further because YoYo Events has already created a “not your usual trip to the beach, sand sculpting event,” for you and your team.

Summer Outings - Beauty and the Beach
Enjoy a memorable day at Revere Beach as you and your team bond over some epic sand castle building taught by an award-winning master sculptor. Build unity and team spirit as you work hard to not only design and complete a masterpiece, but to create a more effective and efficient corporate team. And of course, capture the moment with a silly team photo featuring your completed creation(s) to hang up in the office. After all, what’s not to love about the beach?

Check out: yoyoevents/sand-sculpting

Once on the page, simply:

  1. Choose a date for your event.
  2. Pick a time.
  3. Enter an event contact.
  4. Have a blast!

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