The Positive Results of Effective Team Building: Transforming Your Company

We often hear talk about the effectiveness of team building in the corporate world. Yet, while we might believe what we hear, do we actually know how team building brings positive results to our company? For many, the answer is no. Little information is noted on the subject. With this, we’ve created a list of positive results that effective team building can bring to your company, and explained their “how’s” and “why’s,” in detail below. (more…)

Corporate Event Planning: Do’s and Don’ts

If you’ve ever hosted a corporate event, than you’ve probably experienced one or more that haven’t gone so well. Attendees barely mingle, we feel the pressure of having to continuously come up with conversation to avoid complete embarrassment, and everyone leaves much earlier than we originally expected they would. It’s a complete fail and, typically, we have no idea why! Was it the mix of people we invited? The weather? The food? Sometimes we just can’t figure it out. Yet, the good news is that there are numerous ways to avoid hosting a corporate event that goes wrong. It’s all about the pre-planning and set-up. (more…)

DIY Corporate Event Hacks: Spice Things Up in Your Office!

Do you ever feel like the reason behind your employees boredom at work is due to a little “too much consistency” at your office? Maybe you throw a few staff parties every year, and go out for dinner and drinks with a group of employees every now and again, but is that really enough? If the majority of your employees appear seemingly bored at work on a regular basis, than most likely the answer to this questions is no, it’s not enough. Yet, how are you suppose to find the time and/or money to bring more fun to your office? It’s a question many people struggle with. Luckily, I have some answers for you!  (more…)

Developing an Employee Retention Strategy that Sticks

In my junior year of college as an undergraduate, I took a marketing class with a young, female professor. The class focused on aspects of corporate culture, customer relationship management, and most importantly, employee retention. While the class itself was great, how I truly came to know and understand the concept of employee retention, was through the way my professor conducted the class, the way she treated us as students, and the way she posed we treat her.  (more…)

The Key to Awesome Employees

What’s the key to awesome employees?

Keeping them happy and inspired of course! Yet, the issue in doing this is that it isn’t as simple as it sounds. Leaders and bosses struggle to inspire their employees, and to keep them happy, for a number of different reasons. Most commonly, these reasons include getting hung up on various projects and forgetting to make “pit-stops” along the way, a lacking awareness of what truly inspires each employee on an individual basis, and simply being unaware of the ways to go about it.  (more…)

The Secret to Team Accomplishment

As a leader, it’s not only your job to consistently remind your team of the overall mission and goals they’re working towards, but also to encourage and motivate them along the way. Often, perfectly good leaders get hung up on the larger goal they’re trying to accomplish, and forget to motivate and encourage their team members along the way. Doing this often creates larger issues for the team leader that ultimately make it harder to reach the end goal. (more…)

Dealing with Difficult Team Members

Let’s be honest, we’ve all dealt with difficult team members at one point or another. People who perhaps refuse to stick to their word and to do their part, show up late all the time, are always complaining and casting unwanted negativity on the rest of the team, or maybe just disrupting team efficiency altogether. As a team one of the most important skills that you will need in order to defuse these situations without stressing, is the ability to manage difficult people. Yet, one must learn to do this carefully and strategically.  (more…)

Ways to Avoid Burnout

As we begin our corporate adventures of the new year, it’s important to remember the importance of encouraging continued motivation and inspiration for our work. Importance for this idea lies in avoiding mid-year burn-out. I realize this may sound like a far-fetched idea considering many of you are most likely still holding on to the feeling of rejuvenation after returning to work from the holiday’s. Yet, in order to avoid the terrible feelings that come with burning out, we must start planning ways to set up for our continued feelings of encouragement and rejuvenation all year long. (more…)

How to: Strengthen Teamwork in the Workplace

So maybe teamwork in your workplace isn’t so bad after all. Yet, you feel it could be a lot stronger. You wonder, is it the people you’ve hired? How you’ve divided these individuals up? Is there something wrong with you?! The answer is most likely, none of the above.  (more…)

Encouraging Team Loyalty

At a very young age, most of us learn that everyone is different. Whether we were told by our parents or picked it up ourselves, we all learned this valuable lesson. Yet, surprisingly, many team leaders forget this when working with their members. In doing this, they end up treating individual members as mere employees grouped into one category. With this, team leaders only make matters worse for themselves and their team. Therefore, in order to change this habit, a leader must learn to encourage loyalty among every individual on their team. Moreover, it’s important to remember the very idea that every individual is different and therefore, must be treated differently.  (more…)