Leadership Do’s and Don’ts

To some extent, one’s capacity to be a good leader is innate. However, learning to lead more effectively is something anyone can do.

While leading a company, team, or merely one employee can be extremely exciting, during times of stress it’s easy to let negative emotions get to you. During these times, it’s important to take a breath, calm down, and remind yourself of the leader you aspire to be.

With this, we’ve come up with some key qualities every leader should hold close, as well as some important do’s and don’ts to remind yourself of while on the job.


Nine Ways to be Continuously Successful at your Workplace

It’s not uncommon for people who’ve been working at one job for a long time to feel “stuck” in terms of success. Many people in this position feel as though they have no room for growth. In-turn, they get stuck in an agonizing process of merely “going through the motions” every single day. Yet, the fact of the matter is there’s room for improvement and growth at almost every company. Needless to say, you have to display continuous success in your current position in order to earn something like a promotion. (more…)

6 Tips to be Healthier at Work

We’ve all heard horror stories involving the various struggles working professionals face with maintaining their health. These stories often involve things like weight gain, depression, back pain, carpal tunnel, and so on.

Yet, what often causes these health issues is ignorance to the common workplace activities that can largely decrease one’s health. These activities include sitting too much, staring at a screen too long, bad posture (especially slouching), and not getting enough fresh air or sunlight. Each of these activities carry a number of potential negative health effects. (more…)

How To: Make Employees Want to Stay at Your Company Forever

Hiring employees is only the beginning of creating a strong work place. In order to build on this strength, every company must learn how to retain employees. If you are constantly focused on employee turnover, you ultimately end up devoting less and less time to the more important aspects of your business. Moreover, the longer an employee stays in one position, the more productive and efficient the work they produce for you will be.

With this, we’ve put together several tips on how to make your employees want to stay at your company forever:


Marketing Events on Social Networks: Do’s and Dont’s

3 out of every 4 marketers consider social media to be very important for event marketing. Yet, what many people fail to see, is social media can only be a positive contributor to an event’s success if used properly. With this, most companies efforts to promote their events on social media provide them with little to no help at all. (more…)

7 Steps to Hosting a Successful Meeting

Corporate meetings are known for being boring and pointless. They drain our energy, waste our time, and often add up to costly numbers for the company hosting. Moreover, not only do meetings themselves take time, but preparing for them can take even longer. Therefore, the question becomes, what’s the point in hosting a meeting? And, if a productive and useful kind of meeting does exist, how do we create it?  (more…)

Keeping up with Effective Employee Recognition in the Workplace

Many companies find employee recognition one of their most difficult tasks. This is often due to the fact that because every employee is different, it becomes exceedingly hard to find a “common ground” for an appropriate employee recognition strategy. Yet, if you want to keep up with the challenge of employee recognition, you need to keep your strategy fresh, exciting, and relevant. Therefore, we’ve put together a list of the latest objectives and ideas for developing an effective employee recognition strategy. (more…)

Why Telling your Team to “Treat Others Like You Want to be Treated,” Isn’t Good Advice

The importance of customer service in business is largely overlooked. Whether you sell products or services, and run a small or large company, premium customer service is of equal importance to your continued growth and success. Yet, achieving outstanding customer service in any business is a challenge. People are vastly different and, quite frankly, often difficult to deal with. Luckily, customer service is something anyone can learn, regardless of age, background or prior experience. (more…)

7 Steps to Developing a Remarkable Team

For a long time, the overall idea of team building carried a negative image. Yet, in more recent years, people have largely began to notice the significance of team building within their company’s. Top leaders have come to know that it takes a successful team, in order to grow a successful business.  (more…)