WeWork Boston Pumpkin Carve-Off!


Seasons Greeting’s WeWork South Stationers & Fort Pointers,

Halloween is fast approaching and we thought you may want to take a much deserved break for some holiday themed fun with your teams. With that in mind, we’re teaming-up with WeWork to enter into a little friendly competition between the WeWork South Station & Fort Point locations.

Starting today, you can help your WeWorkBos location tweet its way to a pumpkin carving hosted by YoYo (powered by TeamBonding) on Thursday, October 29th. If your location manages to to out-tweet the other (South Station vs Fort Point), TeamBonding will bring the pumpkins, carving tools, aprons and a professional carver / host who will guide your way to some spooky designs. You just need to bring your tweets and your teams.

Here’s how you can help your location win:

Simply tweet one lesson or tip on building teams that you’ve picked up on your entrepreneurial journey to “. @yoyo_events” and include the #weworksouthstation or #weworkfortpoint hashtag so we can tally the tweets.

Here’s an example of a tweet:

. @yoyo_events Your team is only as strong as your weakest member #weworksouthstation

One tweet will be counted per member and remember to use “. @yoyo_events” and the #weworksouthstation or #weworkfortpoint hashtag or it won’t be counted. Tweets will be counted through 5 p.m. ET on Tuesday, October 20th so we can finalize the logistics for the winning location.

And, of course, the competition doesn’t end there! Our esteemed panel of jack-o’-lantern experts will pick a winning carving who will take away a grand prize of a catered breakfast / coffee for their business and team at WeWork provide by CUPPACOFFEE.

Happy tweeting!

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