The Secret to Team Accomplishment

As a leader, it’s not only your job to consistently remind your team of the overall mission and goals they’re working towards, but also to encourage and motivate them along the way. Often, perfectly good leaders get hung up on the larger goal they’re trying to accomplish, and forget to motivate and encourage their team members along the way. Doing this often creates larger issues for the team leader that ultimately make it harder to reach the end goal.

One way to consistently encourage and motivate your team throughout a project, is to celebrate small achievements along the way by setting smaller goals within the larger one. Not only does celebrating allow your team to relax among the larger process, but setting smaller goals creates a feeling of accomplishment which, in-turn, is extremely motivating and encouraging for everyone. Think about a strategy and create a plan for smaller accomplishments in order to make this happen. The Secret to Team Accomplishment

Furthermore, make sure every team member has their own part in this plan. This will create a feeling of ownership, allowing members to truly feel their contributions and impact to the process of achieving each goal. This will motivate and encourage employees all the more upon achieving each goal. Along the way, you can praise the individual strengths of each member.

Lastly, in order to make sure all members are adhering to the overall plan, check in with them at least once a week. Believe it or not, holding members accountable for their contributions becomes a natural exercise in empowerment. It signals to your team members that you’re ready and willing to help. Moreover, it allows you to catch minor problems before they blow-up into larger ones. The Secret to Team Accomplishment

All in all, focus on smaller wins along your way to the bigger one.

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