Team-Building Games and Activities, Proven to Work!

Keep your team engaged and excited with these simple team-building games and activities, proven to work! 

  1. Ice breaker game: Two Truths & A Lie
  • ask each person in the group to think of two true facts about themselves, and one lie
  • each person in the group takes a turn telling the group their three items
  • The group then has to agree on which fact they think is a lie. Once the group announces their decision, the speaker tells the group the correct answer. The group then can talk about any of the interesting things they just learned about the new person.


2. Energizer: “Transformation” Rock, Paper ScissorsTeam-Building Games and Activities, Proven to Work!

  • Everyone starts out as an egg by squatting down low and waddling like an egg. “Eggs” find another egg and play a game of rock-paper-scissors. The winners turn into a chicken.
  • Chickens move on to find other chickens, and eggs continue to play against other eggs. The losers of each round go down one level (Chickens go back to being eggs, Cows go back to being Chickens, Dinosaurs go back to being Chickens, Ultimate Beings go back to being Dinosaurs).
  • Each time a player wins a rock, paper scissors round, they transform into the next stage. The game can continue for as long as you would like it to.
  • The “transformations” and actions are:
  • Egg: squatting down low near ground
  • Chicken: Putting thumbs under armpits and flapping elbows
  • Dinosaur/Raptor: Arms out and walking like a raptor
  • Ultimate being: arms in the air like you just won a race


3. Team-building Game: Human Knot

  • Have the group make a large circle (This game also works well as a race between several circles in larger groups)
  • Have everyone put their left hand in the middle, and hold hands with someone in the circle, not directly next to them. Repeat with the right hand, and be sure to hold hands with a different person, who is not directly next to them. You can use 1-foot “buddy ropes” to reduce arm twisting, if you’d like.
  • Then, the group must use teamwork to unravel themselves into a circle again without coming disconnected.


4. Self-Reflection Activity: Leadership QuotesTeam-Building Games and Activities, Proven to Work!

  • Post a variety of leadership quotes around one room at your office. Have each employee stand by one that speaks to them or shows their leadership values.
  • Have them explain why it is relevant to their lives.

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