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Portable Escape Room

at Your Office or Meeting Space

Let us bring a customized, puzzle-solving Escape Room to your location.
$75per person

Escape Rooms are all the rage!

It’s an experience everyone should try: a real-life adventure game! Every day people are escaping from rooms all over the world.  Ever the team building explorers, TeamBonding explored one of the original escape rooms in Budapest and we were hooked. We found that these rooms are for more than just fun as teams work together to escape! What makes this YoYo experience different? We bring the Escape Room experience to your office, hotel or conference center!

How does the Portable Escape Room work?

Your team of 2- 6 players will be locked in a room together all working towards one mission – to escape the room in under an hour. As the time runs out, your team needs to solves clues and work through puzzles leading them to the final challenge to unlock the safe as the clock is ticking!

How will we get out?

Your teams will find a series of puzzles, each solution providing an essential clue for the next puzzle. Larger groups may have an advantage when it comes to finding hidden objects, but face a greater challenge in working together and keeping all discoveries known to the whole team. They are working with each other, against the clock.

Final Outcome

Teams find these events are the most enjoyable, intellectually stimulating and physically exhilarating experiences.  Your facilitator will arrive onsite a few hours before to set up the room and will guide your teams through the experience through the use of technology to deliver hits and clues when needed.  No teams are every really alone!

Group Sizes

The Portable Escape Room can be played by one team (2 – 6) or it can be played by different teams throughout the day.  The game itself is 60 minutes but it can be split into two different 30 minute games.  In the latter case, we’ll need another room and we’ll bring a second facilitator.

The Portable Escape Room is available for half or full day rental.

Playing Space

The playing space needs to be comfortable enough for players to move around in. A 300′ space with strong wifi signal is ideal. Players will get instructions beforehand and when they enter the room and the facilitator will stay outside to monitor their movements through cameras. Your host can give hints over a walkie/talkie.

It is a plus if the room can be locked and unlocked with a key from the inside. This way, the players can find the key to the door toward the end of the game. However, if the door doesn’t lock this is NOT a problem. The game works just as well without the escaping bit. It can even be played outside, or in a tent!

The facilitator does need a second room, close to the first room. This will be the ‘control room’, and the place where players receive instructions.

Your Office or Private Venue

Our Escape Room is Portable, this means we can deploy it wherever you want, at your office, classroom, meeting space. Ideally, a 300′ space is needed with strong wifi signal. A room with inside lock and key would be ideal, but not completely necessary. We do need a second room next to the escape room for our host and initial set of instructions.

Both rooms need to have electrical outlets.

Two hour set up required, one hour breakdown.


Team Building Benefits

  • Observational skills
  • Insight in individual behavior styles in an unfamiliar situation
  • Improved Communication
  • Collective Problem Solving
  • Inspire your team
  • Debrief if desired

What to Expect

  • Half or Full Day Program
  • Game Master/Facilitator
  • Props, Materials, Puzzles, Clues to set up the room
  • Travel to the Location of your choice

City of Boston, City Hall Square, Boston, MA, United States

Let's Book It!

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