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DIY High-Tech Scavenger Hunt

in Faneuil Hall or the Fenway

Local trivia, photos, GPS hot spots, video challenges and more!
$25per person

Our DIY Mobile Adventure is a fully interactive team building activity that provides you with a unique and interesting way to explore a location and play as a team.

Choose, customize and run your own high-tech scavenger hunt using your iPhone, iPad, Smartphone or tablet using our innovative Mobile Adventures app. We’ve created team building and social hunts in Faneuil Hall and the Fenway area that include local trivia, photos, GPS hot spots, video challenges and more. These hunts are a combination of sightseeing, gaming, team building, information, laughter and fun!

All you have to do is choose your theme, number of teams and day of your event.

You can even add in your own questions and challenges. On the day of the event, you’ll download your game and play! Once all teams have completed the hunt, you’ll see the results on the live scoreboard and the team with the most points wins! It’s then time to kick back, relax and download your awards presentation. Ready to play? Choose your Adventure today!

  • We highly recommend teams of 5.
  • This is a do-it-yourself event. There will not be a facilitator present.
  • Your teams can choose the starting and ending locations.
Each Team will need a good Android or iOS Smartphone or Tablet to play your Mobile Adventure!  To enjoy a great experience then you need to have a good device and following a few rules when planning your game will ensure that you have a great experience.
For optimum performance, we recommend that teams use one of the following devices which must be fully charged prior to the start of the game:
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 5c
  • iPad 2 (with data plan: 3g/ 4g only – WIFI only devices do not have GPS)
  • iPad Air (with data plan 3g/ 4g only – WIFI only devices do not have GPS)
  • Samsung Galaxy S5
  • Samsung Galaxy S4
  • G Nexus 4
  • HTC M8
  • Nexus 7 Tablet
The App is designed for Android phones and tablets, the iPhone and the iPad.  It will not work on Windows phones or Blackberry.
There are also minimum versions of the operating system that are required for the App so if you can’t see it in the store it probably means your phone isn’t compatible. The minimum requirements are as follows…
  • Android Version 4.0 and above
  • iOS Version 7.0
  • Whatever phone or tablet you use, it will also need a data plan and have GPS activated.

Boston Hunt Options

Faneuil Hall has some exciting history and fun facts about Boston. Walk the freedom Trail and meet characters from history as you explore the city. Visit landmarks like the Old Statehouse and Quincy Market. Even take a selfie with a harbor seal outside the New England Aquarium! This hunt will allow your group to explore the heart of the city and see all that Faneuil Hall has to offer.

Fenway Park is a true homerun! Hit the ball out of the park with this grand slam of a hunt! Take a picture with the Green Monster, and not the one that lives under your bed. Learn about the players who put Fenway Park on the map. Sing Sweet Caroline with strangers on Yawkey Way. Have a hot dog or two with all the fixings from a concession stand. This hunt will be sure to make your team root for the home team!

Want to know what’s in the hunt?

Here are sample questions from the types of challenges your team can expect. Questions are comprised of photos, videos and trivia.  Your group also has the option to add in some custom questions.

Sample Photo Question

Take a group “selfie” with a harbor seal outside of the New England Aquarium. Extra points if the seal smiles!

Sample Video Question

Sweet Caroline is a popular song sung at Red Sox home games; take a video of your team singing Sweet Caroline with a willing stranger!

Sample Trivia Question

Which of the follow was NOT one of Ted Williams’ nicknames?

  • The kid
  • The splendid splinter
  • Sticks
  • The thumper


None provided

What to Expect

  • Hunt Preparation (Administration & Logistics)
  • Voucher to Download Hunt
  • City Scavenger Hunt (photos, trivia, video & audio)
  • Link Provided at End of Hunt for Pictures and Videos
  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

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