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Dining in the Dark

at a Back Bay or Beacon Hill mansion

Part fine dining, part interactive theater, all fun. A world-wide sensation!
$150per person

Boston’s first dark dining experience

This event has all the makings of the most unique dining experience you’ll ever have. You’ll dine in a Back Bay or Beacon Hill mansion; enjoy a full course dinner as well as inspiring music and a story that ties it all together.

Dining in the Dark is a dining experience for all your senses….except one!

This one-of-a-kind dining, eating will blindfolded experience will be a combination of fine food, inspiring music, and a story that leads you and your team on a journey and ties everything together. With the complete loss of vision- and the resulting heightening of the other four senses – an evening of Dining in the Dark is an extraordinary culinary adventure. Work with your team to guess what you are eating, participate in tabletop team building challenges, and focus on the food and each other.

Consistently people rank Dining in the Dark much higher than their initial expectations.


Arrive to a warm welcome including cocktails, a few words of orientation, and a menu viewing (only if you must)

You are gently guided through an extraordinary blindfolded dining experience (peeking optional). Savor the sensuous flavors, smells, sounds and textures. Challenge your palate to discover the mysteries of the menu.

Dinner and guided tour concludes.

The Unseen Menu

  • Samplings from Our Caldrons
  • Textures from the Oceans
  • Roast Beast and Trimmings
  • Heavenly Sweets

Dietary Needs/Allergies: When you confirm your booking, let us know if anyone has any allergies we should be aware of. We are more than happy to accommodate your requirements.

Blindfolds: You will be blindfolded for the entire event. Please don’t peak! These blindfolds are extremely comfortable spa/meditation masks where it is pitch black with your eyes open. We do have other blindfolds that let a little light in if you are not comfortable in total darkness. Please let our team know in advance if possible.

Restrooms: If you need to use the restroom, just ask or raise your hand!

Two Boston locations

Hampshire House
A turn-of-the-century beautiful mansion on historic Beacon Hill
84 Beacon Street
Boston, MA 02108
[Google Map]

The College Club of Boston
A historic Victorian brownstone located in the Back Bay section of Boston
44 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston MA 02116
[Google Map]

Parking for both properties

Boston Common Garage
0 Charles Street
Boston, MA 02116
[Google Map]

Team Building Benefits

  • Step out of your comfort zone
  • Establish trust
  • Energize staff
  • Create lasting memories and stories

What to Expect

  • Fine Dining Experience in a Mansion
  • 3 or 4 Course Dinner
  • Glass of Prosecco
  • Glass of House Wine
  • Comfortable Spa/Meditation Masks
  • Facilitator
  • Live Music

Let's Book It!

Upon checkout, Yoyo Events will begin confirming your requested date. Payment will be collected upon scheduling confirmation.

Not ready to book yet? Call our YoYo Concierge at 1-201-549-YOYO (9696) for more info.